Hargest Dress Up Day 2011

A collection of photos from the 2011 event.  Year 13 students as well as staff take the opportunity during Library Week celebrations to spend the day dressed as their favourite book character.  Always a highly-anticipated event, both groups and individuals vie for the title of Best Dressed.  Lots of fun!

Photos are:

Mrs Tiggywinkle (aka …. me!) Transformer Bumble Bee in both states, Book characters manning my circulation desk, The characters from LOTR Middle Earth and the mirror from Snow White.

 A highlight of the day – and the award for going above and beyond the call of duty would have to go to maths teacher Rob Bradley who spent over a month and some of his hard-earned dollars creating a working Bumble Bee Transformer.  Here’s how it works:

All in all, another fantastic day.  It’s one of those rare days in a secondary school calendar where it’s just all about fun.

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