Tertiary Prep Unit

While I seem to have been very quiet on my blog of late, I have actually been working very hard on it, as well as creating a new one.

I have been adding pages to my blog, including both a Resources page and a Lesson Plan page. These both link to aspects of the James Hargest Libraries Information Literacy Programme, which began from a seed of an idea in 2005.  These pages will not be static and I will continue to add resources I’m developing, trialling and using.

For those of you who attended my session at SLANZA Conference in Auckland on Creating Information Literacy Opportunities in Your School, it’s been a bigger job than I thought developing resources in a format able to be shared easily, but it’s now achieved and so any of the units and resources I mentioned there should be found somewhere within the pages on this blog.

I have also this past weekend created a Tertiary Prep wordpress blog to replace the existing Webs website as it gives me more flexibility for use.  In the SLANZA Collected article  published in November last year,  where I wrote on my Tertiary Prep journey, the old website is mentioned but this is the replacement for it.  This revamp has come about partly due to planning for my next presentation which is at the LILAC Conference  (Librarian Information Literacy Annual Conference) in Glasgow in April.  One of the conference themes for 2012 is transitions: from school through to higher education which is the area I’ll be presenting in.  James Hargest is generously supporting my attendance at conference which falls during a planned private holiday in the UK.

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