What if you could put Slideshare and YouTube together?

This is exactly what is on offer from a new Web 2.o tool I came across yesterday through one of the people I follow on Twitter.  They had shared a link to The Next Web blog about Present.Me.

Present.Me allows you to take your slide presentation or document and add then add your presentation to it.  There’s a short and concise 1 minute tour that explains it simply and clearly.

I can see a wide variety of uses:

  • Explaining how to use a new tool
  • Recording tutorials for students
  • Practicing presentations for Conference.  This would allow you to critically evaluate your style of delivery
  • Sharing your presentation after the Conference
  • Students presenting a combination of power-points and persuasive or explanatory speeches

I can also see potential in using Pesent.Me for ways of delivering professional development within our schools, regions or even nationally and internationally.

There is a free trial package but if schools decided it was a useful teaching tool, it could be worthwhile exploring purchasing one of their packages.  It’s relatively cost effective so individuals may choose to have their own package.

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