iPads in the Classroom

Now, I’m not an expert on using iPads in the classroom.  In fact, I suffer from iPad envy as I don’t even own one!! (though I do have a very nice Samsung Galaxy Tablet my lovely son bought me for Christmas).  But one of the ways I support my teaching colleagues is, I share information with them that might be of interest.

So this is how my email user group for iPad Apps and their use in the classroom came about.  I was finding so many useful websites and blogs by practitioners and experts via my wonderful Twitter people that I surveyed staff and found out who was interested.  I’ve also created a iPad Apps Livebinder and I save all of these valuable resources into one space.

And so, if you’d like to be added to my email group I’d be happy to do it.  Just either email me, reply to this blog posting with your email address or you can just check the Livebinder when you have a need.

Also, you can help me.  If you have found a particularly useful website to do with this topic, please let me know and I’ll share it with the group.

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