Hargest Dress Up Day 2012

Class of 2012

Class of 2012

We had another awesome Hargest Library Week this year!  And Dress Up Day, as always, was the highlight.  This photo is almost all of our Year 13 cohort in costume (or as many as I could fit into the frame!) and is similar to one that appeared on the front page of the Southland Times the following day.

2012 is our 7th Annual Dress Up Day and this year my original costume idea fell through so I opted for Plan B, which was a relatively pedestrian Alice in Wonderland.

I don’t think I made a too-shabby Alice but I do try and mix it up a little and attempt to do something that makes the students have to think about my character.
Alice aka Ms White
Here’s the list of the characters by year I’ve been so far …..

2006:   Mary Poppins

2007:   Bad Jelly the Witch

2008:   The Mad Hatter

2009:   Little Miss Muffet

2010:   The White Queen from Narnia

2011:   Mrs Tiggywinkle

2012:   Alice in Wonderland

I’m already planning my costume for next year, which it seems our entire Y12 cohort are doing as well!  Of course, I always keep my costume choice of costume under wraps and it remains top secret until the “big reveal” on the day.

Dress Up Day also coincided with one of my Tertiary Prep Sessions ….

Tertiary Prep Wed Group

Aren’t they a fine looking bunch of almost-university students!

We no longer have the inimitable Mr Rob Bradley on staff this year, as he’s gone off to climb Mt Everest (everyone will remember his bouncy Tigger in 2010 and his working transformer Bumblebee from 2011)  and so the field was open again for teachers to be in with a chance to win the Best Dressed Teacher award. Competition was fierce but this year’s honour went to our HOD Social Sciences, Mr Cameron Davis who made an outstanding Captain Hook, even if it did take one of his Y13 History students to organise the costume for him!

Captain Hook

Top Male and Female awards:

Lauren and Tom

I just loved Lauren’s comic book creation. Reminded me of a comic I used to read when I was a teenager called “The Archies”.  I always wanted to be Veronica.

And finally, one of the more ingenious group awards we’ve seen. The two gentlemen who created these actually took quite a lot of time and effort to construct their costumes. The Barbie and Ken books …. Barbie even has a classification number!  Of course, the inside covers is where the most …. creative …. work took place!

Ken and BarbieBarbie Classified!Ken and Barbie - inside

These two gained my attention when they arrived at the library and asked for a good picture book they could read aloud, as it was their intention to trawl the school during their study period, looking for unsuspecting classes.  I did hear from our assistant principal later in the day that they had visited her in her office for an impromptu story.

I’ve added a selection of photos from each of our seven Dress Up Days to Flickr if you’re keen to take a look.

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