New Horizons for a New Year

I’ve worked in the library at James Hargest College for over 12 years and I’ve loved every minute of it. I love the environment, I love the students, I love the challenge and I especially love the staff. They are an amazing bunch of professionals. So you may be surprised to hear that at the end of February I’m leaving. This was no easy decision, but I recognise a good move when I see one.

In March I’m beginning at a new school with new challenges, new opportunities and new collaborations. And my new role is getting me very excited! I will be joining the staff at Southland Boys High School in the new role of Research and Learning Coordinator, working with the teaching and learning team designing, planning, implementing and evaluating an embedded and coordinated approach to teaching information literacy and research skills in a digital age to both students and staff. This role also has oversight of the physical library and services offered there.

This is an incredible opportunity to progress my career in a new way, and for me combines the best of what it means to be a librarian with my absolute passion for education and working with young people (in this case young males!)

Needless to say, I look forward to sharing my new journey here on my website and I also look forward to continuing to work with you all in some form throughout 2013 and beyond.

17 thoughts on “New Horizons for a New Year

  1. Congratulations Senga. Good luck for your new venture. will your lesson plans and all the other wonderful things on your site remain for us to use as guidelines to base our programmes on


  2. Kia ora Senga – congratulations on your new role @ Southland Boys HS. Exciting times ahead 😉 And who knows, you might be up for another Reality Librarianship session about your new job! Nā Megan


  3. Good for you, Senga! I’m glad you’ve found something glamorous to focus on after so long with us. Honestly, the new job sounds like it’ll be ridiculous amounts of fun!


    1. Thanks Alex. Not sure if glamorous is quite the right description, but who knows! I’m really going to be able to get my teeth into this new job and I’ll have fun doing it!


  4. Great Senga! Congratulations on the new job! Best wishes as you tackle new challenges and look forward to reading more about it here!


  5. Sounds like a great job Senga, congratulations. Welcome to a the world of single sex boy’s schools. Hope it goes really well, look forward to hearing about your new role.


  6. Very best wishes Senga! Your new role sounds very aligned with the future of School Librarianship! I look forward to following your blog posts and other work from there.! I look eagerly forward to future collaborations


  7. Congratulations, Senga!!!! How exciting! Best of luck in the new role. I can’t wait to see you and hear more about it 🙂


  8. Congratulations Senga. I know you love a challenge and I can see how you are going to love this opportunity.


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