Excellent Examples to Kick-start a Reading Culture in Your Classroom in 2013


Anyone who begins a blog posting with “I just cannot help myself from bubbling with excitement; my students are loving reading this year.” has grabbed my attention from the get-go!  And this is exactly how teacher Pernille Ripp began her blog on 10 Things That Helped Us Love Reading More 


I also love blogs that set out at the very beginning what you’re getting into and I especially love lists, so Pernille’s list of 10 things that helped her and her students to love reading more held huge appeal.

Her 10 suggestions are explained fully in her blog (link above) but here’s just the list to get you started:

  1. Share my own reading life
  2. Stay current
  3. Share your books
  4. Friday preview
  5. Speed book review
  6. Using book trailers
  7. Read more series
  8. Keep a read next list
  9. Give them ownership
  10. Talk books

This will help get you thinking about what could work in your classroom or library for the new 2013 school year.  Maybe you just want to try one of the suggestions on her list or add one to the strategies you’re already trying.  And if you like these ideas, share them with your teaching colleagues!

5 thoughts on “Excellent Examples to Kick-start a Reading Culture in Your Classroom in 2013

  1. Love this – and must tell, I happen to be reading Steven L. Layne’s book: Igniting a passion for reading, which is full of the same passionate and motivated ideas for passing on a lifelong love of reading. It has me really inspired.


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