Love Letter to Hargest

Love letter

I have loved every minute of my time at James Hargest College.  The school initially did a great job in educating me back in the 1970’s and 1980’s and I’ve always held very fond memories of my high school years.

When I started as a part time librarian back in October 2000 it felt odd to be sitting in the staff room alongside teachers who taught me (Yes, there were still quite a number continuing to teach here in 2000 and there are still some today – you know who you are Mr Elder and Miss Dunlop!!) but I felt welcomed and quickly became part of the life of the school.

Plans were already afoot for the redevelopment of our new library when I started and it was fantastic to be part of creating the wonderful space that all of the Hargest community now uses to great effect.

After having had a variety of different jobs from receptionist to administrator to radio producer through the years after high school I can say it is truly magical to finally know what I want to do when I grow up!  For me, the intersection of libraries and learning is what spins my wheels and gives my working life meaning and purpose. It has been both satisfying and rewarding to develop my understanding of how these two different facets of education work together to bring about the best outcomes for students and how to grow programmes and lessons that are enjoyable and meaningful for everyone.

I want to take the opportunity, as I embark on my last day working at Hargest, to say the biggest, heartfelt thank you to each and every current and past colleague who encouraged, listened, advised, responded, discussed, brainstormed and collaborated with me over the past 12 years.  You have all contributed to my professional journey in a myriad of ways which is incalculable in the continuing development of my unique role in a school teaching and learning team.  I am very excited to be moving on to the next chapter in a career I’ve grown to love with a passion. And I look forward to some of you at least, continuing to share in that journey alongside me.  I will always be very proud to say that I worked at James Hargest College.

PS:  If you don’t know who Miss Dunlop is, ask Nadia.

Thank You

2 thoughts on “Love Letter to Hargest

  1. Often I love your writing on one level or another and feel a sense of pride in what you do, always being proud to call you my mother. However, as a writer, this may be the first time that your writing has been aptly poetic and inspired me to grab my quill, as it were. Once again you never cease to amaze me.


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