And the winner of the Book Spine Poetry Competition is…

For those librarians looking for a fun Library Week competition, this is one of the best I’ve come across in a long time! Well done to Melbourne High School for this simple but effective way to promote poetry and books in a whole new way!

Melbourne High School Library


Hanford Lam! Congratulations, Hanford, for a well structured and creative poem using book spines.


Thank you to Dr Prideaux for judging the competition. Dr Prideaux’s job was not an easy one, and she spent quite a while selecting the best from several well composed poems.

Hanford’s poem was so long that the stack of books threatened to topple. I took a photo of the entire poem but also of the poem in two parts so that it was legible.




Matt Lyons came a close second but unfortunately for him there was a single prize of a $30 iTunes voucher which eluded him. Better luck next time, Matt.


Here are the other excellent entries.



Dr Prideaux was also impressed with Ms Buckland’s poem which deserves a special mention.


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