What’s the difference with boys?

Boy humourPeople often ask me what the difference is working in a school with just boys.  One difference is their humour.

At lunchtime today our Head of English was doing some shelving while on duty.  This is what she found on a shelf.

Who said boys don’t have a way with words and aren’t creative?

We all had a chuckle and re-shelved them.

Anyone else got some great “boy” stories?? Share them in the comments so we can all enjoy them!

One thought on “What’s the difference with boys?

  1. My student librarians (also at an all boys school) like to rearrange the fiction shelf dividers into “naughty” words. This is actually quite challenging because they have to find words that only have letters occuring once. Not to mention testing their spelling skills. I don’t tell them it’s educational though – that would ruin the fun!


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