Google Timer

Every now and again you come across something so simple that you wondered why you never knew about it before!


Google timer is just that for me.  I thought I was a pretty savvy user of Google.  I can use it as a calculator and as a converter but this is perfect for using in many classroom situations.

Just google – timer – and the amount of time you want to count down.


Select full screen and project it onto your whiteboard. Voilà! Countdown for assessments, group work, discussions, debates and anything else you can think of!

Big thanks to HOD English at John McGlashan College, David Schaumann for sharing this on the TKI Secondary English listserve.  It’s another great example of why sharing is so important, even if you think it is obvious or widely known.  It just might not be!  You can read more about what I think about this: What’s Obvious To Me is Amazing To You

So, do you have any simple but amazing little tips or tricks you could share with others? Yes? Use the comments field below.

One thought on “Google Timer

  1. Posted from Jane:
    Well this is very timely Senga as I am running Speed Dating (Books) sessions next week and I need a timer. I hadn’t thought about online timers and this has solved my problem.
    As well as the Google timer I’ve just found another site with “fun” classroom timers – egg timer, ticking bomb etc, but my favourite is the rocket. Great sound effects at the end.

    Thanks Senga for the heads up.


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