Full House and All Engaged in their Learning

CC Flickr

We had a full house in the library to finish the day today. Three classes were here, sharing the space with each other.

A Year 7 and a Year 8 class in the main part of the library and a Year 10 class working on Power-points for their English assignment in the computer area.

Chess in the library

I love the concentration on the chess game and the concentration on the book side by side.

Chess and concentration

Year 10 PP 2

More learning going on!

And my favourite shot of the day.  A pair of Year 7’s, complete with spectator poring over their chess game while a Year 12 student reads through his notes in preparation for his next exam.

Chess and study 2

Everyone was happy working, reading, playing, studying, talking, learning together.  It’s one of my most favourite things about working in a school library!

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