The intersection between schools, libraries and learning

Information Literacy Spaces

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School librarians are a crucial component in enhancing the student learning experience, and while I acknowledge there is huge and important work being done in the development and support of a reading society, in this post I want to focus on information literacy teaching through the library.

Information literacy has never been more important than it is today, yet resources and support for the programs and people who are best-suited to teach and facilitate information literacy has dwindled in too many schools and districts across the nation. Even as the demand for accountability grows and mounting evidence continues to affirm that school libraries staffed by certified school librarians make a measurable difference on student achievement, library resources are too-often reduced or eliminated from budgets all together.  –  School Libraries Work! A Compendium of Research Supporting the Effectiveness of School Libraries

There are many excellent educators working in our…

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One thought on “The intersection between schools, libraries and learning

  1. Resounding heartfelt agreement Senga. It’s time this conversation rose to the surface again. Ross Todd’s words to NZ Librarians are as current as ever.

    Information Literacy delivery through librarian/teaching and learning collaborations is as imperative to libraries as reading engagement. We librarians hold an essential key in the development of student agency by teaching research skills that can capture the positive attitudes to learning Todd highlighted.

    Our role in IL spaces (or lack of it) is a conversation closely linked to the lack of standards around qualified school librarians in our country and promoting what that means. Building professional standing is part of the process that would allow us to move forward into the ideals delivered in the 2002 document.


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