Shades of Black in Libraries

Libraries: What we are, How we surprise, What we could be


I had so much fun putting together my recent contribution in Weve!  It was one of the most colossal, creative and confronting pieces I’ve ever worked on.  I felt a huge sense of responsibility to put something meaningful together and a huge sense of accomplishment at the end.  However, I had stepped completely outside of my comfort zone and I was nervous.  Had I nailed the brief?  Did it make sense?  Had I communicated my message, or just ended up being too obscure?  I hope it says something to you and that it’s worth hearing.  Then check out the other amazing contributions to the latest edition of Weve on Heroes Mingle.

One thought on “Shades of Black in Libraries

  1. That’s so cool Senga!

    Incidentally, it’s given me an idea for a book display centered around the concept of “Fireworks’. So a big poster showing a cool image of fireworks and having words describing associated feelings scattered around the display board, eg exciting / danger / wonder / thrilling / surprise etc, and having a collection of books that match these descriptions. Perfect for around Guy Fawkes Day of course.

    Can you tell I’ve been watching the Rachel Van Riel videos? 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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