Web 2.0 Tools #1

Here are my favourite tools for you to have a look at or play with this week:

  • Free New Zealand Photos

Free New Zealand Photos  –  As the title suggests, this website gives you access to photos you can legally use for free.  This would be a great site to share with teaching colleagues or to use in your classes.  I’m thinking there are a great range of uses but the first one that springs to mind for my teachers would be to support the tourism department.  This was shared by Creative Commons NZ.  If you’d like to know more about how to download and use digital content legally then watch this great little video, created here in NZ.

  • Mindmapping: How Students Make Meaning

This blog post by CrazyTeacherLady is all about Mindmapping and how students can make meaning through using them.  It has some very good tips for using them in classes.

  • Web 2.0 Tool for Recording Learning

10 Web 2.0 Tools for Recording Learning is a site with some great tools collected together by a school teacher for other teachers to use.

  • Plagiarism Game

Well done to the team at Snowden Library, Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania for creating this great plagiarism game teaching students about verifying sources by eliminating the goblin threat.  Entertaining as well as educational.  Try it out yourself and see how you go.

  • Using Posterous for Education

Posterous is an online sharing and collaborative space which you can use with groups with the option of making them either public or private.  This link outlines a range of ways in which Posterous can be used in education.  I’m considering this as a way of working with my Tertiary Prep groups next term.