Recordable Pegs

So here is a very cool little tool – and no, just for a change this one’s a physical tool not a digital tool. Recordable Pegs

These are new for me so chances are they’ll be new for you.  I came across them as part of an article on Finding Ways To Encourage Oral Literacy in the latest Interface magazine

This magazine is always worth a read but I’ve been quite taken with these Pegs, which come in a set of six.

Here are just some of the uses I was inspired to consider:

  • Think about using them to get students to describe a piece of work and then attach the peg next to that displayed piece of work
  • What about making a “talking” display in your classroom or library
  • Teachers might like to record instructions into it for each group that they can then use to follow instructions
  • My personal favourite – and one I will certainly try when I purchase a set – develop a treasure hunt around the library – getting students to listen to the clues to take them to the next stop in the hunt
  • Get students (or your library staff) to record short book reviews and attach them to the books you have on special display

I don’t think it really matters what age the students are.  I think they’ll get a kick out of using them. I know some of you will have other ideas too.  Why not share them!