Edinburgh’s Mysterious Paper Sculptures

I know I’m not alone in having been totally captivated by the whole concept behind the exquisite paper sculptures that have been secretly deposited in arts hubs across Edinburgh this year. The first of them was discovered at the Poetry Library in March. All of them have been addressed to the Twitter name of the venue where they were left and each has had a note attached which reads: “in support of libraries, books, words, ideas and festivals”.  Local man Chris Scott has taken wonderful photos of these sculptures for all of us to share.

Every piece is stunningly intricate and imaginative with amazing attention to detail.  Truly works of art to be treasured and enjoyed that must have taken many hundreds of hours to conceive and construct. The news of them even made it to local television in Edinburgh in September.

And yesterday, another and possibly final piece in this intriguing puzzle. While the unique and reclusive artist’s identity remains (thankfully!) a secret, it seems she has indicated that ten is her lot, stating that “You need to know when to end a story”, signing off “Cheers Edinburgh it’s been fun!”

Finally, this morning on the Guardian Books Blog is a nice summary of the whole journey, beginning with a spark of an idea on Twitter and finishing back at the Poetry Library where this incredible journey began.

I would love to add my public thanks to this wonderful, creative soul for the pleasure she has given us all, and for the sparking of our own imagination and dreams.