Inquiry Learning Part 5 – Student Voice

Student voice bird

Image:  The Voice

When all is said and done, what we do in schools, it’s all about student learning and engagement.  Here is a little taste of what some of Leon’s students had to say about what they learned and what they thought about the inquiry process:

What did you think about the inquiry?

  • It has been a bit hard but we managed to get through it
  • Before this, I have always had a teacher behind my back watching me and telling me when to learn about the subject what topic to do and do it this way.  Here, I have a chance to get on with my work and feel free to get on with it
  • It was fun to research and present it as a class in different ways.  As people we do different things differently
  • I didn’t really like it at the start, but as we learned more about how sugar affects our bodies I really enjoyed it.  I liked that we got to work and manage ourselves
  • I didn’t like inquiry too much before this but I have really enjoyed learning about sugar and managing ourselves and our time
  • I think that it’s a good way of finding things out because you have the freedom to search up whatever you want about the topic and learn stuff you never knew before

Speak up

Image: Speak Up

What did you learn?

  • We’ve been in the library with Ms White and she taught us how to use URLs to choose our information and use three different websites
  • I learned how to research by using Dot Jot notes, bullet points and short cut keys
  • When we research, be sure to have more than one source of information and that it’s important to reference where we get our information from
  • I learned how to research and find information quickly.  I also learned that I had to check information with other sources and record where I got my information
  • How to record websites and referencing information

And my personal favourite:  “this year I think I have achieved more than I did last year.”

Next week is the final post in this series about Leon’s inquiry journey, where he will reflect on what he’s learned through this whole process and his Head of Department will talk about the process from her perspective. Plus I will share my own perspective of planning, collaborating and teaching research skills.