Information Literacy and the Connection to Lifelong Learning – Literacy Forum 2017, Volume 32 No 3 – New Zealand Literacy Association

NZ Literacy Forum article – in full

My Library Manifesto – June 2017

Shades of Black – Weve Magazine, September 2016 – Libraries: What we are, How we surprise, What we could be

A Librarian’s Take On The Future Of Learning – SET Magazine 2014, Issue 1 – Future Education Special Issue

LIANZA Library Life – Identifying Leadership PotentialInterview by Cath Sheard on behalf of the Emerging Leaders Working Group – July 16th 2013

School Libraries: What’s now, what’s next, what’s next to comee-book by Kristin Fontichiaro and Buffy Hamilton.  My contributions:

Collaboration: The Key Link Between Librarians and Teachers – Chapter 9 – page 139

Networking and Why We Need to Flock Together – Chapter 10 – page 154

SLANZA Collected Magazine


Tertiary Prep Article



  • Profile – Issue 1, August 2010, Page 15

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