Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014

Great to see this most current list of Top 100 Tools for Learning.

It’s an excellent way to discover new tools and see what tools other educators are finding useful.

If you click on the title of any tool you get:

  • a brief description of what the tool is or does
  • what it’s rankings have been since 2007
  • whether it is going up or down the list
  • whether it costs or not
  • comments from respondents to the survey who rated it in their top 10 tools

Jane Hart has done some analysis for us on the tools which is worth taking a look at but I thought I’d do my own analysis of which tools I’ve used and how they’re ranked as well as note which ones are new to me.

I was pleased to discover I have used or am using 39 of these tools, 18 of which are in the top 20.  12 are completely new to me. Here are three lists of my own selections.

My Top 5 professional tools are:

  1. OneNote
  2. Diigo
  3. Slideshare
  4. WordPress
  5. YouTube

My Top 5 teaching tools are:

  1. Livebinders
  2. Padlet
  3. Quizlet
  4. Evernote
  5. Dropbox

My Top 5 tools – new to me:  (I intend to play with these before the beginning of the next school year)

  1. Explain Everything – unique interactive whiteboard and screencasting app that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere.
  2. Powtoon – online presentation software tool that allows you to create animated video explainers – for business or education.
  3. Near Pod – Present, quiz and report with this tool – synchronously with your students or make available on demand.
  4. Easy Generator – all-in-one elearning authoring app to create courses in the cloud.
  5. Kahoot – game-based classroom response system – for schools, universities and businesses.

So, what are your top tools and which ones are you doing to take a closer look at?

If you want to, you can purchase the 2014 Guidebook which gives you even more information about each of the tools.